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Filipino Kamayan Dinner
AKA "Super Secret" Boodle Fight Club!

By reservation for parties of 12 or more based on availability.

What is Kamayan Style dining?
Kamayan style dining is also known as a "Boodle Fight", named after the Filipino"army style" of eating. After a long day of marching, soldiers would eat off of banana leaves in the native tradition since they couldn't carry plates and utensils with them easily. The cooks then piled the rationed rice and meat onto the leaves, and the “fight” commenced when the soldiers hurried to grab and eat as much food for themselves as possible before it was gone.


This video is just an example.  You will be sitting with your party only and you will have chairs. :-)

How does eating with your hands change the dining experience? 

This is a very festive and social way of eating.

You're sharing a table of food with your friends/family with the freedom to eat your hands and you can't help but feel the joy humans receive from sharing food with one another. Eating with one's hands provides the physical connection to the food that allows your senses to take over in a way that we rarely allow in modern dining. 

Booking policy for your Boodle Fight

  • Kamayan service/Boodle Fight available by reservation only.


  • Minimum of 12 adults for this service. You will be sitting with your party only but we may open the restaurant up to the public. 


  • Reservation based upon availability.


  • Credit card info required to hold your reservation. After reservation forms are made, we will get back to you with availability and take your credit card information to confirm. RESERVATIONS ARE ONLY GUARANTEED THROUGH CONFIRMATION.


  • CANCELLATION FEES apply. To wave fee, Cancellations must be made 24hrs in advanced. Cancellations made less than 24 hours will be charged 50% of the total bill.  There will be a full-charge for No-cancel/No shows. This fee will also apply to the no shows in the party.


  • Pricing:  $39.99 for adults,  $19.99 for children under 12

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